For years we've been working to achieve our vision of a thriving, creative downtown.

It's exciting, rewarding work: Making connections, fostering an emerging arts culture, and preserving the beauty of our historical Vermont city. We're proud to be the connective creative tissue.

Get involved and start something amazing.



Our streets are historic and resilient.

Standing firm for two centuries while still retaining its heritage, St. Albans is an area rich in historical and cultural value: The northernmost battle of the American Civil War took place here.

Now, with our main streets newly rejuvenated you'll find our historic downtown more beautiful than ever. Taylor Park, in which stands the angelic fountain donated by Governor Smith in 1887, is marked by numerous memorial statues and monuments, paying homage to the sacrifices of local residents over the past two-hundred years.

The downtown is bustling once more. It's a small city with a big heart.