Minutes - SACA

Zach Scheffler, Donna Howard, Lorna Dielentheis, Stina Booth,
Patty Howe Willey, John Bielicki

Zach Scheffler moved to accept the April minutes as written, Stina Booth seconded, and it passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
We do not have an official treasurer yet. Money has been transferred from FOT to the SACA account, bringing us to nearly $14,000. The possible need for a budget was discussed. Erik J. has volunteered to help with that in the past.

The Burrow
While April has been quiet, Zach has several events coming up this summer.

Patty Howe Willey, as chair of the theatre arts committee, requested a explanation of the difference between a chair and the board. The committee chairs are responsible for one branch of the arts, encouraging and promoting that art, perhaps organizing classes or events, and otherwise supporting the activity. The board members are responsible for SACA as an organization, maintaining and promoting SACA, controlling the finances and helping increase membership. Patty then requested to be made a board member as well as a committee chair, and the board agreed.

Given the limited amount of material for board discussion now, it was agreed to announce that future meetings will start at 6pm with a brief discussion of board issues, to be immediately followed by the general issues.

Bilijean Smith
Bilijean is not on the email list but should be. We also need to check with her about her theatre camp. Patty requested that SACA give a Bilijean a grant for her summer camp.

There was an extensive discussion about whether SACA should be giving funds to for-profit events or events it does not run itself, what kinds of activities SACA should be involved in, and what criteria should be. This relates to the reorganization meeting we had, and discussions about what SACA should be doing. Lorne volunteered to come up with several possible mission statements for the next meeting.

SACA mission
The board discussed visions for SACA’s future. Comments included:

  • In the past the arts groups were event focused and had only a few people doing the work, which led to them burning out and the closure of the groups. SACA should focus on connecting people with resources, organizers, etc.
  • SACA should organize a few larger events & provide resources to people organizing their own events or acts activities.
  • SACA should run just the few most important things.
  • SACA should provide a support system, infrastructure for events, possibly money, possibly just guidance. Small projects would be easier to support.SACA should not try to run all events.
  • SACA should help connect artists, those interested in those artists, and resources for artists. It should promote arts and art events, and help build the infrastructure and resources for those arts and events. It should not run many events.

Business Card
It was decided to delay printing the cards until we have a new mission statement. We should also make it clear that SACA includes all arts, not just fine arts.

Patty Howe Willey volunteered to run a fundraising event for SACA. We will need to come up with several fundraisers in the future to support any activities we wish to run.

Membership Works
Zach and Erik J. are busy setting us up on Membership Works and organizing the website. We hope to have it up soon. Lorna asked about a blog, and would like to write profiles of community artists for the blog, possibly with pictures by Stina. John suggested having live interviews on public access.

An umbrella license to show indoor films would cost about $480 from the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation. Small films could be shown in The Burrow for 20-30 people with minimal equipment. Larger films would require a projector and screen. An inflatable screen and projector would cost from $2600-4600. Outdoor films require individual licenses, at $350-450 per showing. One option would be to show local films. Channel 15 was interested in the idea of showing the Halloween films in the park, and we wouldn’t need licensing if we had the permission of the filmmakers. The board voted to pursue the idea.

Art Walk
The idea of trying to organize a summer art walk was discussed. The park is not available on a Saturday, and traffic is low on Sunday. An evening art walk was discussed. Fridays and Saturdays are difficult for retail, and most of the artists in the past wanted to sell at the event. During the summer sounds concerts is a possibility, but the town will be holding a farmers market during the sane time and we may lose a lot of artists to that. We are planning a fall art walk in conjunction with the merchants’ sidewalk sale in October, probably Oct. 13th as the museum’s Octoberfest is the 6th.

We need to check on the date of Cardiac Capers.

Art Walls
We should investigate the cost of getting our own art walls for events, rather than needing to borrow from Village Frame shop all the time. 

Downtown Murals
We should start thinking about a possible mural installation downtown. Zach volunteered to talk to Keith Taruski about setting something in the windows of the Giroux building, since it’s so ugly at the moment.

Future Meetings
We will continue to meet the second Tuesday of the month at 6pm. The next meeting will be June 12th, 6pm, at City Hall.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45.